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October 18th, 01:03am

Do I have to become a member if I live within the 5km radius?

Yes.  Due to NSW club legislation laws if you live within the 5km radius we do require that you become a member of the club.

If I forget to renew my membership can I just renew it later?

Unfortunately if you do forget to renew your membership then we require you to rejoin the club. For all associate membership the charge is still only $4.50.

If I’m only coming for a meal in the restaurant and live within the 5km radius do I still have to join?

Yes you do. Even though you may only be attending the club for the day we still by law require you to become a member.

If I do become a member how many people can I sign in?

You can sign in as many guests as you wish.

Can I wear joggers to lunch?

Yes you can wear your joggers. During the day time thongs are also acceptable footwear, however, after 7:00pm no thongs are permitted.

Can I come into the club in my work attire?

Yes you can, however, if you are in soiled work attire then you are not permitted in the upper lounge area of the club, you are however permitted in the anchorage bar downstairs.

Can the courtesy bus pick me up or drop me home if I live outside of the 5km radius?

No the courtesy bus is only for members who require it to go to areas within the 5km radius only.

 Do you get a discount on membership if I am a pensioner?

No it is one price for all patrons.

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