VIP Membership

January 3rd, 06:33pm

Any Full Member can apply to have their membership card activated to book up drinks and food. Your current membership card will be transformed into into an account card and you will receive monthly invoice for your purchases.

Take advantage of this new offer. Just email us at and request you VIP membership be activated. The following working day your current card will be activated to allow you to book up drinks and food for the month.

By activating your card you agree to our terms and conditions. Available to Full Members only.

Full Member F&B Account Terms and Conditions

  1. Account set up is only available for Full boating members and must remain financial.
  2. Default account limit will be set up at $2000.00 unless requested to be a lower limit by the account holder. Any increases to account limits must be approved by the CEO.
  3. Full Members must produce their membership card for each transaction and Full Members may request a receipt with each transaction.
  4. Unless other arrangements have been made with the CEO, accounts for food and beverage purchases during the month are prepared at the end of that month and sent out during the first week of the following month (called the “following month”).
  5. Before the 7Th of each month a detailed statement will sent to Full Member showing all purchases and total due.
  6. All accounts will be emailed to Full Members. Full Members must provide a current email address.
  7. Members may leave current credit card details on the accounting system for automatic deduction on the 14th of each month.
  8. Payment is due by the 14th of the following month whether an account has been issued or not.
  9. If payment has not been received 30 days after the end of the following month, legal action may be commenced and your overdue account will be presented at the next Board of Directors Meeting as a bad debtor. In the event that it becomes necessary for the Licensor to take recovery action against the member in respect of any monies due pursuant to the terms of this agreement, the member shall be liable to reimburse the Licensor for the cost of such recovery (including legal costs and disbursements if any), on an indemnity basis. Any such costs will be added as a liquidated amount to the members account. Membership may be suspended immediately after 30 days after the following month.
  10. Either party may terminate this agreement after the expiration of the initial license term, by giving not less than two (2) weeks prior written notice, expiring at the end of the notice period, or any designated time thereafter. Notice of termination from the member shall be accompanied by payment of all fees and other amounts payable by the member up to the date of termination.
  11. In the event the account holder no longer is a Full boating financial member the account will be closed and payment in full will be required under clause 9 of this agreement.

Frequently asked questions so far;

Q: Can I show my membership on my i-Phone at each purchase rather then producing the physical card each time – A: Yes

Q: Are there any account keeping charges applied if paid on time – A: No

Q: Can you ask Adrian if he could approve $4,000-00 limit for me – A: Adrian approves this within 24 hours

Q: Can boat fuel purchases be charged to this account – A: You will need to obtain a fuel card from the marina. The credit on the account is only for food and beverage purchases only.

Q: Can I pay with Amex card – A: No